Illinois Historic Preservation Caucus

                                                                                                                                                                                As the Chair of the Illinois Historic Preservation Caucus, Senator Pamela Althoff believes it is imperative that we continue to preserve and protect the stability and legacy of the state’s most valued historic sites. In 2016, she has made it her mission to enlist support from her colleagues and communities to work together to keep state historic sites running and viable for years to come.


In addition to her role with the Historic Preservation Caucus, she has also taken on a major video project that extends throughout the year--highlighting one major state historic site every month. You can watch her Living History Video Series here:




The Illinois Historic Preservation Caucus was created in 2005 by Representative Thomas Holbrook in response to concerns raised by Landmarks Illinois– the statewide non-profit advocacy voice for historic preservation–about the future of the State’s historic sites and the desire to study new incentives for the rehabilitation of historic buildings.


This Historic Preservation Caucus includes nearly 80 Members from both the Illinois House and Senate and looks to partner with organizations and agencies that work directly with legislators on these important issues. It also is the second historic preservation caucus to be formed at the state legislative level in the country.  




To provide a voice in support of historic preservation and cultural heritage in the Illinois Legislature.




“To promote, preserve and protect Illinois historic structures and sites.  To help educate and motivate the general public to the importance of maintaining the heritage of our state.”


Who is involved:


A bipartisan membership of the House and Senate and participation of nonprofit organizations interested in historic preservation and relevant state agencies.


What it does:


Create and review legislation, budget proposals and policies that may impact historic preservation.  Caucus initiatives may include:

  • Activities and funding of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency (IHPA), including maintenance and operation of state historic sites
  • Activities and funding of Illinois Main Street
  • Recommendations for additional state tax incentives for historic property owners
  • Recommendation of Statewide Preservation Initiatives (some successfully undertaken by other states include state rehab tax credit programs, courthouse preservation programs, historic barn preservation programs and the updating of statewide historic resource surveys)
  • Recommendations to the Illinois Congressional Delegation and its Historic Preservation Caucus regarding Federal historic preservation legislation that may impact preservation in Illinois 

Caucus Chairs:


Pamela Althoff

Senate Republican Caucus Chair


Andy Manar

Senate Democrat Caucus Chair


Steve Andersson

House Republican Caucus Chair


Joe Costello

House Democrat Caucus Chair