The Illinois Federation of Dog Clubs and Owners (IFDCO) presented Sen. Althoff with its 2011 Legislator of the Year Award at the Prairieland Classic Dog Show, held October 22, 2011 in Springfield. The award was given in recognition of her ongoing contribution to the welfare of dogs, breeders, and owners. In addition to her past service on the Joint Task Force on Breeders and Pet Stores, Althoff sponsored legislation this spring to require animal control facilities to institute best practices for identification and scanning of animals. The legislation, which was authored by IFDCO, was signed into law by Governor Pat Quinn, and will help local governments reunite pets with their owners. 

IFDCO's mission is to provide information and education to kennel clubs and their members, dog owners, the animal rescue community, and elected officials to promote the health, well-being, appropriate care of all dogs, protect the rights and responsibilities of dog owners and breeders, and support responsible dog ownership.


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