Students from throughout McHenry County joined Sen. Althoff this week for a hands-on experience at a state-of-the-art dairy facility located in Lake County.  This field trip, funded primarily through sponsors is the only field trip for Briar Gate, Deer Path and Three Oaks Elementary Schools fifth grade students.

Along with teachers, administers and parents, students experienced Illinois agriculture at Golden Oaks Farm.  In addition to learning about composting and plant production, students learned about animal care, calf rearing and milk production through a visit sponsored by Sen. Althoff and “What we Make by the Lake”, a division of the Illinois Agricultural Leadership Program, Class of 2012. 

Students also had an opportunity to eat pizza made with cheese made from milk produced by Golden Oaks Farm’s dairy herd.

“It’s so important that both kids and their parents understand where their food comes from before it even reaches the grocery store,” said Tim Stuenkel with TeeJet Technologies.  “That’s why today is so beneficial.  By having the kids visit Golden Oaks Farm we’re able to show them the whole process from animal feeding to milk to cheese to the table.”

Former Dallas Cowboy great D.D. Lewis kicked off the week by coaching students on crop nutrients, and their role in foods.  Lewis’, who will also signed autographs, visit was sponsored by PotashCorp.   

PotashCorp along with Ball Horticultural Company, Community Sewer Service, Cook County Farm Bureau®, DeKalb/Asgrow, Golden Oaks Farm, LLC, Grande Cheese Company, Dow AgroSciences, LLC, Midwest Dairy Council, Monsanto Company, Pioneer Hi-Bred, Prairie Farms Dairy, Ted’s Greenhouse, TeeJet Technologies, Wagner Farm, and Walnut Grove Farms made the students’ visit possible.


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