Sen. Althoff joined her Senate Republican colleagues on Thursday to propose dramatic action to revive the Illinois jobs climate, enhance economic development and generate new state revenues. The 30-point plan (CLICK HERE to view) would seek to immediately ease restrictions on job growth and attract businesses back to Illinois, many of which have been wary of locating in the Land of Lincoln.

The proposals are the second component of a two-part plan by Republican senators to bring a "reality check" to Illinois government. Several weeks ago, the Caucus highlighted the state's budget crisis and called for numerous fiscal reforms that would save taxpayers about $5 billion. This week, they focused on reversing Illinois government's poor economic track record and policies harmful to small businesses and job creation.

To accomplish this, the Senate Republicans suggested reforms to the state’s costly workers’ compensation system, enacting a permanent Research and Development Tax Credit to boost their competitiveness, transforming Illinois into a leader in the areas of nanotechnology and green manufacturing, streamlining businesses’ ability to get permits and licenses, and imposing a moratorium on the imposition of new healthcare mandates.

Support for agriculture – Illinois’ number one industry – also plays a prominent part in the Republican proposals, which call for protections of the sales tax exemption on agriculture purchases and renewed support for agriculture research.

Several Illinois business leaders have expressed their support for the Republican initiatives, saying it is imperative to begin a dialogue on how to restart Illinois’ sagging economy.

Althoff says she is eager to work with her Democrat colleagues to pass meaningful job recovery legislation in order to send a powerful message that Illinois is serious about making the state friendly to businesses and economic growth once again.

To see the job creation proposals, click HERE or visit


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