The Governor recently signed two measures sponsored by Sen. Althoff this spring:

House Bill 338 (P.A. 96-0140) allows smaller renewable fuel plants to receive state assistance under the Renewable Fuels Development Program, which provides grants for the construction of ethanol and biodiesel plants. Specifically, the measure expands eligibility to plants that have an annual production capacity of at least 5 million gallons of renewable fuels (currently 30 millions gallons).

The Governor has also signed House Bill 159 (P.A. 96-0138), a measure that will make it easier for units of local government to do business. The new law increases the competitive bidding threshold from $500 to $10,000 for municipal projects paid for by special assessment or special taxation. 

Many times, when local governments pursue smaller projects, they encounter a great deal of bureaucracy requiring extensive paperwork and manpower. This measure will help streamline the process by allowing local governments to make smaller purchases without the extra red tape.


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