The Illinois House has approved legislation, sponsored by Sen. Althoff, prohibiting drivers from using cell phones in school zones or highway construction zones, along with a companion bill restricting texting while driving Gatehouse News covered the story:

House OKs texting while driving ban

By GateHouse News Service

SPRINGFIELD – Multitasking drivers beware: the Legislature has put a target on your backs.

The House approved two measures Thursday aimed at limiting what drivers do behind the wheel. House Bill 71 passed, 92-25, and looks to ban text messaging while driving.

House Bill 72 passed, 96-21, forbids talking on a cell phone in either a school or construction zone.

Both bills now move to Gov. Pat Quinn’s desk and await his signature.

“My gut tells me [Quinn] is going to sign it, but I have not heard from his office one way or another,” said Rep. John D’Amico, D-Chicago, referring to the texting ban. “The bottom line is we are just trying to make the roads here in Illinois a little bit safer.”

Both bills have exceptions. Drivers still could talk on a hands-free device in school or construction zones and text while the vehicle is in neutral or is parked on the side of the road.

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