Yesterday, the Illinois Senate approved Senate Bill 189, a measure co-sponsored by Sen. Althoff that enhances public and media scrutiny of state government by strengthening the Freedom of Information Act. The Northwest Herald's Kevin Craver highlighted the legislation in the paper's May 29 edition:


Lawmakers pass stronger public access law


A significantly improved Illinois Freedom of Information Act is headed for Gov. Pat Quinn’s desk after clearing the state Senate in the closing days of an intense legislative session. The Illinois Senate voted late Thursday, 58-1, to adopt the bill, which was written by Attorney General Lisa Madigan and a number of open-government groups. Senate Bill 189 unanimously cleared the House, 116-0, on Wednesday.

The success comes after a scare last week, when a draft rewrite by House Democratic staff was released that gutted the changes. The bill is one of many efforts at meaningful reform in a legislative session that started with the impeachment and removal of former Gov. Rod Blagojevich, after his arrest on federal corruption charges.

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