SPRINGFIELD, IL – State Sen. Pamela Althoff (R-Crystal Lake) today joined Senate colleagues in voting to remove Gov. Rod Blagojevich from office. The 59 to 0 vote came following a four day Senate trial which detailed charges Blagojevich abused his power as governor and embarked on a pattern of insider “pay-to-play” deals aimed at boosting his campaign war-chest.

“What we have heard over the past four days has been a very compelling case for the removal of the Governor,” Althoff said. “The evidence is abundant, and the evidence is clear: Our Governor – who Illinois voters bestowed with their public trust on two occasions – has abused that trust.”

In a speech to lawmakers shortly before the vote was cast, Althoff said she hoped the Governor’s removal would be the first step in reforming state government and ending the “pay-to-play” politics that have plagued recent administrations.

“This truly is an opportunity for us to work together and take affirmative action to root out corruption,” Althoff said. “As difficult as this day is, it gives us a new beginning to address many of the problems that led to this day. It gives us a chance to restore public confidence in our state government.”

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