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Fox River Status Update

According to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources:

No additional rain fell yesterday (July 13). Inflows to the Chain of Lakes appear to have crested and are slowly falling. Fox Lake stage is 6.85 feet and is rising at ¾ feet for the past 2 days. All gates at Stratton and Algonquin Dams are opened.

The dam in Burlington has not breached. Burlington, WI is experiencing record flooding on the Fox River.

The National Weather Service is forecasting ½” of rain over the Fox River watershed next week. The Fox River near New Munster is forecasted to continue to fall, but it will be over one week before it falls below flood stage.

This flow is higher than we have seen on the Chain, so our lake and river stage estimates are interpolated from our known information, but there is some uncertainty because we have nothing to historic record to compare.

  • Fox Lake gage may crest from 8.0 - 8.2 ft on July 17 The current stage is 6.8 ft.

  • Stratton HW gage will crest over 6.0 – 6.3ft on July 18 The current stage is 4.8 ft.

  • Stratton TW gage may crest over 7.5 – 8.0 ft on July 18. The current stage is 6.0 ft.

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