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An IMPORTANT MESSAGE from Sen. Althoff regarding the Stratton Lock and Dam

Dear concerned citizen,

I have received numerous email messages with concerns and comments regarding the recent announcement by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) of restricted hours at the Stratton Lock and Dam.  Let me, therefore, provide some background as well as a current status report.

The announcement of restricted hours was, in fact, not because of any budget or financial limitations.  It was, rather, caused by a significant loss of personnel. Very unexpectedly, one employee retired while another gave notice.

Contractual obligations require internal posting of jobs prior to a general posting.  And the hiring process can, therefore, take weeks, if not months to fill any vacancy.  Citing the urgent nature of the need to fill these open positions, because of the impact to our area businesses and because we’ve experienced staff reductions once before, the Department of Natural Resources fought and obtained a waiver to post these open positions immediately.

As of Thursday, April 13, three positions are now posted for the lock and dam site. The Department of Natural Resources’ position is that these openings are to be filled by early May or as soon as possible.

I will keep a close watch on this situation, speaking with the Department of Natural Resources on a weekly basis, so please feel free to stay in touch with my office on our progress.  I will also stay in constant contact with the Fox Waterway Agency providing status updates.

If you choose, I can be reached directly by email at or by phone (815) 455-6330.

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