Dear Friends,

With your busy lives, it can be hard to find time to volunteer. However, the benefits of volunteering are enormous to you and your community. The right match can help you to reduce stress, find friends and even learn new skills, all while improving the community in which you live.

You may not know, but I am very engaged within the community. I serve on the board of JourneyCare and The United Way of McHenry County. Through my work with these organizations, I have found the joy in serving others and giving back.

Our communities are great places to live because of the time and work put in by volunteers. I encourage you to find your passion and use it to help others. Whether that passion is healthcare, animal rescue, the under-privileged or food pantries, you can make an impact in the lives around you.

There are numerous volunteer opportunities available in both McHenry and Lake Counties. Even if you only have a few hours a month to give, you can still make a difference.

For volunteer opportunities, head to or If you don’t see anything that sparks your interest, please reach out to my office and we can help you find a match. 


Pamela Althoff